The principle is quite simple: catalogue-based modular drive systems.

Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer or a supplier, you can configure and implement optimally tailored drive solutions for the respective task both quickly and with ease.


  • Controlling electric drives for auxiliary equipment such as:

    • Air conditioning compressor
    • Power steering pump
    • Pneumatic pump
    • Etc.

  • Supplying the on-board supply system voltage 12/24 VDC
  • Positioning tasks in harsh environments, e.g. lifting device on a waste truck


  •  Designed as a catalogue-based modular electrical automotive drive system.
  • Wide variety of versions available in just one design
  • Different product lines optimised for individual applications

    • MOBILE Advanced
    • MOBILE Basic

  • The calalogue-based modular system is suitable for both mass production and customised solutions
  • Designed specifically for rugged applications in commercial vehicles
  • City buses
  • Trucks
  • Agricultural vehicles (tractors, trailers, etc.)
  • Construction vehicles

Your advantages

  • Robust and compact housing
  • Each model variant comes with the same external dimensions and interfaces
  • Choose the models and outputs to suit your requirements

    • Double inverter (2 x 7.5 ... 60 kWp)
    • DC/DC converter (2.8 ... 5.6 kW, 14/28 VDC, 200 A)
    • Combined devices with an inverter and a DC/DC converter

  • Plug connectors
  • Excellent volume/performance ratio
  • Extremely easy to integrate into the vehicle system via a standard communication bus
  • Simple for the user to commission
  • Service life and cycle resistance designed specifically for rugged applications in commercial vehicles, especially for city buses