A global service tailored to you.

Our services are designed to ensure the reliability of your vehicles and to enhance the performance of individual applications. And if the unexpected happens, you can rest assured that your drive solutions will be swiftly restored to full working order without a glitch.

Our mission is to always be available wherever you need us. And we are always happy to provide you with the best possible service in whatever way we can to support you in implementing your project. It's as easy as that!

Our staff are always there when you need them:

Worldwide team of specialists for expert

  • training and consulting over the entire course of a project
  • reliable on-site commissioning matched to your particular needs
  • operational optimisation during the project-planning and prototype phases
  • design freeze for SOP
  • integration of customer-specific requirements on the basis of our modular product range

At any time and with exactly the right tools:

  • worldwide helpline with assistance provided by experts
  • remote support for speedy and reliable remote diagnostics
  • local incident management and fault analysis

The Lenze expert helpline is available around the clock.

You can reach us in over 30 countries using this telephone number.

Lenze expert helpline the world over

008000 24 hours (008000 24 46877)

Technical support
Do you have a question?
+49 5154 82-1111
+49 5154 82-1626
Repairs processing
Would you like to have a product repaired?
+49 5154 82-33663366.de@lenze.com
Service sales
Do you need replacement parts?
+49 5154 82-30003000.de@lenze.com
Service projects
Are you looking to implement upgrades, take precautionary steps or optimise your systems?
+49 5154 82-33113311.de@lenze.com
Field Service
Do you require on site servicing?
+49 5154 82-33883388.de@lenze.com
Clearing / complaints submission
Would you like to complain about a Lenze product, delivery or service?
+49 5154 82-22222222.de@lenze.com

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