Our approach

With our motivated and committed approach, we work together with you to create the best possible solution and set your ideas in motion – whether you are looking to optimise an existing vehicle or develop a new concept for a vehicle with electrical drives. We always strive to make things easy and seek perfection therein. This is anchored in our thinking, in our services and in every detail of our products.

In 5 steps, we work together in order to set your idea for a forward-looking vehicle in motion, all the way through to the production phase. What’s more, the sustainable solutions we offer make sure that you will always be one step ahead. We will also be more than happy to provide you with after-sales support whenever you need it.

5 Steps for your freedom

Lenze makes many things easy for you

1. Developing ideas

Lenze Schmidhauser lends wings to your ideas - as a strong engineering partner with many years of sound experience and globally correlated know-how in the field of mobile drive concepts. Our extensive network of experts encompasses numerous sales and application engineers, whose expertise is applied to every single solution. Outside the Lenze Group, we work with competent partners when necessary for purposes of cooperation and development.

This is where your vehicle concept begins.

The best vehicles share a common origin: the perfect idea. If you already have an initial idea for a new vehicle concept or for optimising an existing vehicle, come to us and we will help you to put it all down on paper. We will then work with you closely to develop an intelligent, sustainable concept for using power electronics for auxiliary drives in hybrid and electric vehicles in particular, making sure that this concept exactly matches your requirements, whether the latter concern highly detailed, small innovative steps or completely new vehicles.

2. Drafting concepts

We see welcome challenges in your vehicle tasks, based on the particularities of the application area and the corresponding tasks and requirements. We take a holistic view of the individual drive and control functions here and draw up consistent, end-to-end drive and automation solutions for your applications. With a whole range of standard and individual possibilities for differentiation, we always make this as easy as possible and as extensive as necessary.

Lenze makes your engineering easy.

We offer you the best combination of know-how and product expertise when it comes to the electrification of your specific vehicle tasks.

Lenze mobile drives are designed specifically for automotive applications. For example, we provide you with power electronics up to large-scale production, particularly for auxiliary drives of hybrid and purely electric commercial vehicles. These are used in generators, traction motors, battery and super-cap actuators, blowers, steering help pumps, air conditioning compressors, onboard converters and sockets for commercial vehicles.

In addition, we make your engineering easy by applying the customary communication standards for the market and using smart tools. In all phases of development, from planning to implementation, these indicate potential for improvement right down to the smallest detail. This ensures a convincing overall result.

In order to guarantee glitch-free processes, outstanding quality and a long service life, we make prototypes, build test installations, train your operating personnel and support you with the commissioning process. We are also on hand to help you optimize your concept.

3. Implementing solutions

Our formula for satisfied customers is to establish an active partnership with fast decision making processes and an individually tailored offer. We know the automotive processes and have been using this easy principle to meet the ever more specialised customer requirements in the field of electric mobility for many year.

Always with an eye for the best solution.

Working together with you, we always choose the right solution for your application. A holistic concept is then used to integrate this solution into the vehicle with ease.

Design concept

  • Same housing and structure for inverter (DCU) and DC/DC converter (PSU)

Connection system

  • All connections are protected from spray water using a cover
  • Devices are stackable and provide the highest integration density

Leading edge technology with two isolated controllers for

  • Motor controller
  • Application controller

4. Implementing applications

When looking for the right products to suit your requirements, you have the option of choosing an electric modular drive system for applications in commercial vehicles.

You can find the right product type for your application with ease thanks to the catalogue-based approach, which are optimised for individual applications. In addition, the scalability covers a wide power range with identical external dimensions.

Catalogue-based modular drive systems.

Based on its many years of experience, Lenze Schmidhauser has developed the new, compact MOBILE product platform with multi-inverters and DC/DC converters - for successful application in your vehicles.

Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer or a supplier, our modular drive systems help you put together and implement optimally tailored drive solutions for the task at hand both quickly and with ease.

5. Ensuring productivity

Productivity, reliability and new performance peaks on a daily basis - these are our key success factors for your vehicles. With our global service network, we offer you cleverly devised individual concepts to ensure continued safe operation.

Irrespective of where your vehicles are used, you can look forward to receiving competent support from our highly skilled and knowledgeable aftersales team.

A global service tailored to you.

Our services are designed to ensure the reliability of your vehicles and to enhance the performance of individual applications. And if the unexpected happens, you can rest assured that your drive solutions will be swiftly restored to full working order without a glitch.

Our mission is to always be available wherever you need us. And we are always happy to provide you with the best possible service in whatever way we can to support you in implementing your project.

As easy as that!