MOBILE: pick-and-mix set of power electronics modules, tested and proven in series production

Lenze Schmidhauser will be showcasing its MOBILE product platform for commercial vehicles at this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hannover

Lenze Schmidhauser, a leading manufacturer of drive solutions for mobile applications, will be at the IAA Commercial Vehicles again this year, presenting solutions for commercial vehicles and mobile work machines. The company's exhibition at the fair will focus mainly on the MOBILE modular products. These include double inverters, DC-to-DC converters and a variety of dual-purpose modules, all specially designed for use in commercial vehicles. Manufacturers can put these products together from a catalogue to quickly and easily create a custom-made system for the drive control of auxiliary units and the provision of energy for the on-board power supply in their individual applications. This means the user can cover a large range of applications efficiently and economically with only one family of products and react flexibly to new demands. The MOBILE set of modules is tested and proven in series production, and it is continually being refined and extended - for example, with the new DCU Single Inverter S for the control of air-conditioning systems and compressors.

Lenze Schmidhauser offers its customers the best combination of expertise and series-product competence for the electrification of specific vehicle tasks. The company's portfolio of modular products currently includes a number of intelligent double inverters (DCU), DC-to-DC converters (PSU) and various dual-purpose modules. The double inverters are each equipped with two motor or generator outputs in the 7.5 to 60 kWp power range. The inverters can be used to control synchronous and asynchronous motors (three-phase; with or without an encoder). They are therefore especially suitable for the control and operation of auxiliary equipment such as air-conditioning compressors, air compressors and power-steering pumps as well as smaller main drives (in v/f or vector mode).

DC voltage converters are available in versions with 14 or 28 VDC output voltage and up to 200 A of current (up to 5.6 kW power output). This means the converters can help to create a high-performance on-board power supply system and they can also be used as a replacement for the alternator. For power-intensive applications, it is even possible to connect multiple converters in parallel. The product range is rounded off with a number of dual-purpose modules that combine a DC-to-DC converter and a single inverter in one module. All the modules from the product platform are certified in accordance with ECE R10 and housed in uniform casings (IP6K9K) with an identical structure.