MOBILE: modular system of performance-electronics products for commercial vehicles; ready for use in series production

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover, Lenze Schmidhauser will be showcasing its E1-certified double inverters specially designed for commercial vehicles

Lenze Schmidhauser, a leading manufacturer of drive solutions for mobile use, will be exhibiting again at this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hannover and will be showcasing solutions for commercial vehicles and mobile machines. The company's stand will focus on the MOBILE system of modular products. This system comprises double inverters specially designed for use in commercial vehicles, DC/DC converters, and various combination modules. Manufacturers can use these products to quickly and easily put together, from a catalogue, a tailor-made system for the drive control of auxiliary equipment and the power supply of the on-board electrical system. This enables users to cover a wide range of applications economically and efficiently with just one family of products, and to react flexibly to new requirements. The modular system of products - designed for selection from a catalogue - allows high-volume production as well as customised solutions. For the series of double inverters, there is already an ECE declaration of conformity in accordance with regulation ECE R10.

The modular product system currently comprises several intelligent double inverters (DCUs), DC/DC converters (PSUs) and various combination modules. Each of the double inverters has two motor or generator outputs in the power range from 7.5 to 60 kWp. The inverters can be used to control synchronous and asynchronous motors (three-phase; with or without encoder). They are therefore especially suitable for the control and operation of auxiliary equipment such as air-conditioning compressors, air compressors and steering help pumps as well as smaller main drives (in U/f or vector mode).

Direct-voltage converters with an output voltage of 14 or 28 V DC and current of up to 200 A (power output up to 5.6 kW) are available. The converters make it possible to create a highly efficient and effective on-board power supply system or can be used to replace the alternator. For power-intensive applications, it is even possible to connect several converters in parallel. Several combination modules, each of which includes a DC/DC converter and a single inverter, round off the range of products. All modules of the product platform will be certified to ECE R10 and housed in uniform casings (IP6K9K) with an identical structure.

The electrically powered race car "julier" will be on display at the trade fair stand for visitors to admire and see how students from ETH Zurich (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) have set their vision of an electric race car in motion. Lenze Schmidhauser is a sponsor and supplier of "Formular Student", the world's biggest motor sports competition for the next generation of engineers. The project to create an electrically powered race car with MOBILE inverters was realised in collaboration with the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ) and the Institute of Virtual Manufacturing at ETH Zurich. During the 2013 racing season, the race car "julier" achieved two overall wins in the Formula Student Electric (FSE) competition and came top of the world ranking list compiled by Formula Student. The model's successor "grimsel", also featuring MOBILE devices, had a successful start in Silverstone in 2014.

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