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MOBILE: Lenze's new platform for units in commercial vehicles

Hamelin/Hanover, 23 April 2012

When the power output of electrical units in commercial vehicles is optimally matched to the power actually required, the energy efficiency of mobility can be improved without having to accept any functional restrictions. This ultimately allows forwarding agents to save expensive fuel and also make a lasting contribution to reducing the volume of CO2 output. Lenze Schmidhauser has now developed a modular system for mobile applications that enables both control and supply of electrical units in a compact package. Practical application examples include on-board power supplies, compressors, fans, and the electrical drives of pumps for hydraulic systems.

Same housing, same design, same connection system: Lenze Schmidhauser has integrated both the inverter and the DC converter in a uniform device concept. The MOBILE product platform covers a power range of 5 to 10 kW with up to 400 A output current with the DC/DC converters (PSU type). The inverters are designed as "double inverters" (DCU type), allowing two motors to be controlled at the same time. The outputs are scaled and cover a range from 7.5 kW up to a maximum of 60 kW - i.e. 120 kW in total.

From a functional perspective, all products in the platform can be freely combined with one another - which ultimately extends the solution space. Integration into vehicles is easy, as the drive components are stackable and thereby only require minimal installation space. CANopen and a J1939 interface are available for integration into the vehicle management system - obviously also including a resolver interface for connection of a speed feedback system for controlled drives. With corresponding software adjustments, asynchronous and synchronous machines can also be controlled without sensors. Another key focus in Lenze Schmidhauser's development activities when designing the new platform was on making integration into various vehicles and application as easy as possible.

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